Configuring LDAP Authentication Providers

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Launch LDP.EXE from the FAST ESP Admin Server. Choose Connection from the file menu. Choose Connect from the drop down menu. Type the name of the DC with which to establish a connection. Change the port number to 636. NOTE: 636 is the secure LDAP port (LDAPS). Choose the checkbox SSL to enable an SSL connection. Click OK to test the connection.

Aug 12, 2018 · The LDAP server SSL certificate has expired. FIX or WORKAROUND Clear the "Use SSL" box in Configure the System, View, System Policies, User Account, LDAP Authentication, LDAP Domain Manager, Edit page.

If you're interested in implementing code for the LDAP server integration (in a plugin for example), or are merely looking to verify that the connecting to an LDAP service is possible from your server, there is a public LDAP server that you can use. See here. for more information.

Configuring LDAP connection - IBM Click Create Connection. The "LDAP connection" page is displayed. Enter the following details to set up your LDAP connection. Note: You can configure multiple LDAP connection instances to the same LDAP server. However, both the Base DN and connection Name must be unique. LDAP connection. Enter connection information. Name: A unique name Configuring LDAP Authentication Providers