Ports to be used for pxe boot

ISC DHCP 4.4 Manual Pages - dhcpd.conf - ISC DHCP 4.4 Jan 22, 2020 Configuring a DHCP Server The DHCP server transmits responses to the DHCP clients at a port number one greater than the UDP port specified. For example, if the default port 67 is used, the server listens on port 67 for requests and responses to the client on port 68. Change TCP/IP settings - Windows Help

The port numbers from 0 to 1024 are known as well known ports and are used for specialized services or privileged services. For example as mentioned in the table below port 80 is used for HTTP while ftp port number is 21 etc. Table of Port numbers used for FTP, TELNET, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, BIOS, SSH, DHCP protocols. Port numbers are pre

List of Well-Known TCP Port Numbers - Webopedia Reference Nov 02, 2017

Configuring a DHCP Server

May 21, 2019 A Basic Guide to Configuring DHCP Failover - ISC DHCP Jan 15, 2019