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Dd-Wrt Routers - Best Buy Top comment " Fantastic router for dd-wrtAn open source router gives you the flexibility to use open source software from DD-WRT or OpenWRT to update the firmware that can be customized to your needs that range from setting up vpn, web server, manage hotspots, analyze network traffic, detect intrusion and so on Setup - If you like a step by step setup process this router is awesome" 5 Best DD-WRT Routers | How to Install DD-WRT VPN Jul 07, 2020 Tomato Firmware/Supported Devices - Wikibooks, open books Dec 13, 2019

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DDWRT Firmware. All routers running DD-WRT firmware versions that include the OpenVPN setup option. Most standard (std), big, and meg DD-WRT firmware versions include the OpenVPN setup option, while mini versions do not. OpenWRT. All routers running OpenWRT 15.05 (Chaos Calmer). AsusWRT and AsusWRT-Merlin

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